JVM Testing Newsletter | November 2021

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Ktor in memory DB Testing

Part of series: building a backend with Ktor. In this article Marco focuses on configuring database implementation for test suite.

How to use an in-memory database for testing on Ktor
SERIES: Building a backend with Ktor Part 1: Structuring a Ktor project Part 2: How to persist Ktor logs Part 3: How to use an in-memory database for testing on Ktor Usually, in a backend project, there are different instances of the same database: one for production (or more than one, it depe…

Property Based Testing with Test Driven Development

Generate test cases with PBT in Kotest? Sure, why not. Author shows how to combine PBT with TDD flow. Worth to take a look.

From TDD to PBT via Kotest | Instil
Using the new PBT features in Kotest

Write Tests for all your Missed Branches

Nikit takes a look at branch coverage – a way to ensure that all paths that your code can take is covered with tests.

Write Tests for all your Missed Branches
In this blog post, you will understand how to identify missing branches and write better tests for your code.

Droidcon Berlin 2021 Summary

…and links to presentations if available. Carlos did a great job creating archive with links to slides from presentations.

droidcon Berlin 2021 — Presentations
Now that I’m back to reality, I wanted to check a couple of slides from talks that I’ve watched and as I was bookmarking them, I’ve…

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