JVM Testing Newsletter | October 2021

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Mocking Matchers API

Story about the interesting behavior of mocking library and the difficulties of defining API surface for a library.

Mocking Matchers API
Diving into Matchers API of various mocking libraries such as Mockito, mockito-kotlin, mockk

Testing Hybrid Jetpack Compose Apps

Guide to testing Jetpack Compose on Android using androidx test artifacts.

Testing Hybrid Jetpack Compose Apps
We’re developing a hybrid Jetpack Compose application. It’s comprised of one Activity and several Fragments. Each fragment includes a ComposeView directly as the entire screen is built …

Reassesing TestNG vs Junit

Comparing TestNG and Junit5 – what changed in Junit since version 3.x?


Why Java Experts Avoid Mocks?

Easier said than done. Mocks are everywhere. You can’t test without mocks. What are the alternatives? Why mocks aren’t “one-size-fits-all”? How to use other test doubles?

Why Java Experts Avoid Mocks
What’re the correct ways — fake, mock, or stub Java classes?. “Why Java Experts Avoid Mocks” is published by Miloš Živković in Javarevisited.

Don’t mock static: test Timber Logger with trees

Learn how to mock Timber for tests.

Don’t mock static: test Timber Logger with trees
Learn how to create custom Timber Tree to test log outputs in unit tests. Mocking Timber, unit testing logs.

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